Likes and dislikes

     So I thought this was going to be an easy post but dang it is actually taking some thinking for me to come up with this list.. But here it goes my top 10 likes and dislikes.. Likes: That feeling when you get a sunburn / suntan and your skin feels hot but you … Continue reading Likes and dislikes


Today was my favorite kind of day..

Nothing makes me happier than waking up to see my sons smiling face. But today was perfect. I got to have hot cocoa with marshmallows, cuddle with my little guy and watch the today show. Guys, I have an unhealthy obsession with the today show, it just makes my morning feel complete! Here in FL we … Continue reading Today was my favorite kind of day..

I’m alive!

Hey guys! So sorry that I've been neglecting my blog 😲 I've been all over the place with my schedule but promise to make a strong comeback. So here's an update from my birthday! My mom is basically a birthday ninja and surprised me so much with the necklace from my monthly favorites wish list 😍😍😍 … Continue reading I’m alive!