30 day writing challenge |Day 1


So, this is me, yours truly. This month I am starting a 30 day writing challenge, today just so happens to be a picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself. I hope with starting this writing challenge I will grab your interest and get into the flow of writing more!

On to the facts!

  1. I love Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole.
  2. I sell alcoholic gummy bears.
  3. My dream is to live in New York City and open a bagel shop.
  4. But also a dream to live back in Pasadena,CA .
  5. I’m a homebody.
  6. I separate my underwear by style and colorize them.
  7. I use to cut the crust off grilled cheese and call them pickles, because I hate pickles. (idk, I was a weird kid)
  8. I had two imaginary friends as a kid, Shanta and Sally.
  9. Mouth noises are my biggest pet peeve.
  10. Rainy days are my favorite.
  11. I watch Elf all year round.
  12. I have an unhealthy obsession with Lifesaver Wint-o-green mints! (Send your girl a lifetime supply please!!!)
  13. I hate the feeling of chalk and porcelain.
  14. I’m obsessed with my son.
  15. As a kid I would set up my stuffed animals and hold church service in my bedroom.

So, as you can conclude from all of this I was quite the weird child and currently I am quite the boring adult. Haha!

Until next time,



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