Today was my favorite kind of day..

Nothing makes me happier than waking up to see my sons smiling face. But today was perfect. I got to have hot cocoa with marshmallows, cuddle with my little guy and watch the today show. Guys, I have an unhealthy obsession with the today show, it just makes my morning feel complete! Here in FL we have been having some ugly days here but that’s okay, I love a good rainy, stay inside type of days. Today was just that, we didn’t even change out of our pjs. All day we lounged around watching tv, took a long nap and just were super cozy! It was the best!

So a little brief synopsis of what I’ve been up to and where this blog is going! As you all know I am terrible at updating my blog but as per usual I am really going to give it my best shot! So I had my son almost three months ago and I have enjoyed every minute of mama life! But I am sad because I’ll be going back to work soon 😦 however I can’t be too sad because I’ll be working from home!! I cannot imagine working out of the home away from him, I’m just way too attached to him! So back to the blog, I will be posting mama tips and troubles, life updates, recipes and travel!

Here’s a little questionnaire for my readers to get to know me!

Food & Drinks
Favorite fast food restaurant? Either Chik fil a or In and out
Favorite ice cream flavor? Salted caramel
Favorite chocolate candy? Lindt
Favorite fruity candy? Not sure
Favorite flavor Starburst? Pink, duh!
Favorite dish at Olive Garden? Breadsticks lol!
Favorite kind of sushi? Ew!
Favorite Asian dish? Hmm, orange chicken with noodles.
Favorite Italian dish? Ravioli
Favorite food of all time? Pizza or bagels, I know I’m fancy.
Favorite way to cook a steak? Not a huge fan of steak but def with truffle butter.
Favorite pasta dish? Either linguini with meatballs or
Favorite cookie? From Disney World, it’s white chocolate with raspberry.
Favorite fast food French fries? Checkers or Chik fil a.
Favorite cereal? Fruity pebbles
Favorite breakfast food? Biscuits and gravy, I’m eating them as I type!
Favorite pizza toppings? cheese or pepperoni
Favorite fruit? Mango
Favorite vegetable? Zucchini
Favorite dessert? Chocolate mousse
Favorite comfort food? Mac-n-cheese
Favorite way to eat bacon? On a BLT
Favorite thing at a buffet? Meatloaf ( I know nasty)
Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat? Pumpkin cream cheese roll (recipe to come)
Favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Leftovers sandwich! (another recipe to come)
Favorite cake? Cheesecake
Favorite ice cream sundae toppings? Sprinkles
Favorite thing to cook? Everything!
Favorite soda? Jupina
Favorite alcoholic drink? Manhattans or espresso martini
Favorite drink at Starbucks? A chai red eye!
Favorite flavor coffee? Irish cream

Travel and Recreation
Favorite state you’ve visited? California
Favorite country you want to visit? Greece
Favorite kind of vacation? Any!
Favorite way to travel? Car or train
Favorite beach? Venice beach
Favorite place to go with family? Anywhere!
Favorite vacation you’ve taken? Pasadena, CA (before we lived there)
Favorite thing to do at the beach? People watch
Favorite theme park? Epcot ( I know I’m boring)
Favorite thing about traveling? Not having to plan

Fashion and Beauty
Favorite department store? Nordstrom
Favorite place to shop? Online
Favorite store in the mall? Nordstrom
Favorite perfume/cologne? Jo Malone wild bluebell or D&G # 6 L’amoureux
Favorite hair color? Chocolate brown
Favorite makeup you can’t live without? Mac waterproof foundation
Favorite shoes? Target
Favorite occasion to dress up for? A party
Favorite hairstyle? Loose Curls
Favorite outfit you have? Any maxi dress
Favorite soap scent? Dove
Favorite article of clothing? Nothing in particular now
Favorite place for a piercing? ears
Favorite piece of jewelry? Anything Tiffanys
Favorite thing to wear to bed? Extra soft pjs or silk pjs
Favorite luxury brand? Tiffanys
Favorite brand of toilet paper? Charmin
Favorite candle scent? Mahogany Teakwood 
Favorite extracurricular activity? Baking or crafting
Favorite day of the week? Any
Favorite holiday? Christmas or Thanksgiving
Favorite website? Pinterest
Favorite way to communicate? Texting or facetime
Favorite Youtube video? Anything Jenna marbles or whats up moms
Favorite kind of house? Bungalow
Favorite car color? Black
Favorite thing to do when you’re sick? Pj day, bath and watch movies in bed
Favorite person you’ve never met? Christina Tosi or Courtney from Color me Courtney
Favorite question you’ve answered so far? All the food questions
Favorite thing you’ve done in the last 24 hours? snuggle my little guy
Favorite place to meet up with friends?  Anywhere
Favorite hobby? Baking or sewing
Favorite way to cheer you up? Spending time with my son and baths
Favorite thing to look forward to? Spending time with family and seeing my son
Favorite kind of gift to receive? My son
Favorite crafty thing to make? Cakes or purses
Favorite way to relax? Pj and movie day in bed


Until we meet again,


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