Favorite restaurants | NYC 

Hi friends! I woke up this morning missing the big apple so I thought why not do a post on my favorite restaurants in the city.  Ive decided to start a series of favorite restaurants in my favorite places!  I’m sure you can tell but your girl loves food! Now I haven’t been to NYC in about 3 years now, but best be sure that I will be planning a trip there this year! My sister was going to school in the city so I made sure to go up as much as I possibly could. Here are just a few of my favorites, hope you enjoy! 

Jacobs Pickles | Upper West Side

So I have a slight obsession with the UWS, it’s amazing and you never know what you will find there. But Jacobs Pickles is the comfort food mecca, think southern comfort! There menu ranges from a variety of house made pickles, chicken and pancakes, poutine to shrimp and bacon grits! Great atmosphere and very large portions. 
Big Daddy’s  | Upper West Side

Omg! Now I’ve only been here for brunch but trust me it’ll be so good you won’t forget it. We ordered the bacon pancakes, chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes and chocolate chip banana pancakes. Also, they have all you can drink bloody Mary’s, mimosas and screwdrivers!😳 Big daddy’s has a very retro vibe to it that I just love! 

Screme Gelato Bar | Upper West Side

THIS!! Holy macaroni, this place is to die for! They have some crazy flavor combinations but I would eat every single one of them. Perfect on a warm day to cool you off in the city!

Two Boots Pizza | Upper West Side

Talk about some yummy pizza! If I could choose two foods for the rest of my life it’d be pizza and bagels! Two boots does pizza like no other it’s a combination of Louisiana and Italian pizzas. I highly recommend the night tripper!! There’s never a time I miss this place while in New York! 

Bouchon Bakery | Colombus Circle

The only thing I’ve tried from here is there macarons, but trust they are huge!! 
There will be a part two because let’s be honest no where does food like New York City! 

Until next time! 



2017 resolutions

   I don’t know about you all but I suck at keeping resolutions! Like really, really suck! I’m talking about like I’ll keep it for a few days and forget about it! Haha! But this year I am dead set on them, 2016 was a poo year for me! 


  1. Be healthy: I’m sure this is on the top of everybody’s list. But this time I’m about making a lifestyle change, which is hard to do being a baker! My plan is to eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as more grains! I also want to incorporate Herbalife into my diet. I have used their products and completely stand by the name! I just get lazy and let “the plan” fall through. 
  2. Perfect recipes: Eventually I want to open my own bakery, I have hundreds of recipes that need to be perfected to see if they will make the cut for my bakery. 
  3. Travel: I love to travel but this year I want to revisit places I haven’t been in a while first on my list will be Pasadena,CA. I know we just moved about 9 months ago from there but it’s such a beautiful place I cannot wait to go back! Second is a tie between Nyc and Philly. I’ve been to both places before but it’s been way too long! 
  4. Debt: This year I really hope to pay off old debt. I want to focus on finances and create a “plan” that works for me! This also goes without saying but I would love to build my credit whilst paying off debt! 
  5. Blog/YouTube: I’ve been saying it for years now but I would love to create content on YouTube (I just need the guts to do it)! But I also want to focus on this blog! I do love it, sometimes life just gets in the way and too much time passes between posts. 
  6. Be truly happy: I want to find ME this year. Which I don’t think is totally possible because I think we will forever be a work in progress but I can’t wait to find more things out about myself! Also, I want to stop complaining about things. Now I’m not saying I’m a giant complainer but I want to be more go with the flow and to accept things for what they are! 

Well that’s it for me, at least for now! I intend to keep you all updated with my resolutions and maybe do a monthly update to keep myself accountable! Let me know what your resolutions are and how you intend to keep them.

Until next time!