Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken Sweet Potatoes

So I’m not sure about you but I live on the fence between
trying to make healthy choices and wanting to eat all
of the sweets. But life is all about balance, AM I RIGHT?!

balance1Anyways, on my journey to be a healthier me I decided why not add some of my favorite recipes on this blog. I obviously am going to start posting baking recipes too (which I cannot
wait for).

I am all for sweet potatoes, I would eat one  at all meals if I could. This recipe is super simple and I  use this to meal prep for the week because it is that easy and mindless to make. Also, for the sweet potatoes I buy a big microwaveable bag of them at the grocery store for $1.98 and it’ll usually last me about a week. Okay enough rambling,  on to the recipe!



Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken Sweet Potatoes

– 4 chicken breasts (cooked & shredded)
– 1/4 red onion
– sweet & spicy bbq sauce
– shredded carrots
– sweet potatoes

  1. First I cook and shred the chicken
  2. Chop and briefly cook the onion
  3. Steam the sweet potatoes in the microwave
  4. Toss the chicken, onion and shredded carrots in the bbq sauce
  5. Cut open sweet potatoes and top with chicken mixture

Voila! There ya have it, a super quick and easy lunch/dinner that is VERY filling.

Until next time.



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