Guess who’s back, back again..Brittany’s back!

Hi guys!

I totally suck at this blogging thing. But I’m back for good this time (fingers crossed) haha! I figured I’d catch you up on all that I’ve been up to. Even though my mom is probably my only viewer, Hi mom!

So lets see where to start.. I last left you guys while in California, I was in pastry school (which I highly recommend even if you’re just a home baker). I have since moved back to FL but I am missing select parts of the California lifestyle. However, not missing the traffic out there! I am really happy to be back home and able to see my friends and family.

I cannot wait to start blogging again so I figured I would come back with a collective favorites post from the time I’ve been away. I mean who doesn’t like reading about favorite things (am I right ladies?!).


  1. My beloved D&G number 6 L’Amourex Eau de Toilette: I cannot even begin where to start on this guy. If you like a more masculine but still sort of feminine smelling perfume this is for you! I don’t think that they actually sell this anymore but I did a quick google search and you can find it on ebay/amazon. It has top notes of juniper, pink pepper and bergamot. Heart notes of birch, cardamom, and orris. Base notes of woods and musk. DELICIOUS!
  2. Illume Anemone Rollerball: I got this demi perfume when kitson was closing all of the stores and it was literally the Last one of them. I seriously need to start looking for more of these. I just checked but the Illume website has a sale going on the eau de perfume. It has citrus and crisp apple notes. A very light fragrance but I’m telling you you will get a whiff of this through the day and it will just make you smile!
  3. St. Ives even and bright scrub: First of all this scrub is white with little pink scrubbing sugars in it. I mean how cute!! It smells soo yummy too like pink lemon & mandarin oranges! It also has done a really great job on making my skin nice and flake free all the while still being gentle.
  4. Ponds Nourishing moisturizer: This is literally the cheapest moisturizer EVER! And honestly I’m not sure if I’ve posted before how I wasn’t a fan of this but in California this wasn’t the best for my skin but using it in Florida its definitely working for me!
  5. Maybelline fit me concealer: This guy is the real MVP.. literally the best $6 I’ve ever spent. I cannot say enough about it! A great creamy, long wearing, non-creasing concealer.
  6. Pink eye shadow brush: I’m not totally sure about the brand of this brush but I got it in an Ipsy box and I have literally used it every single day since receiving the box!
  7. L.A. Girl pro concealer: This was another great $2.50 I spent on a contour concealer. Super blendable, obvs. affordable, tons of color options!
  8.  Budget planner and planner accessories: This planner is from michaels, it was about $3.50 they had a huge selection of them from wedding planning to fitness journals to meal planning. Perfect for your purse! Also I love pineapples/ flamingos/all things stationary.
  9. Lorac eyeshadow in Serenity: I also received this in a Sephora christmas box ( I think). It kinda just appeared in my makeup collection and I cant remember from where exactly. But I’ve been wearing it daily and it legit lasts all day long, super silky putting it on. Love love love it!

Be on the look out for my next coming posts. I want to start doing more recipes, pinterest fails and product reviews! Also, comment below for any suggestions.

Until next time.


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