Healthy recipes 👍

Hello friends! 

As promised I am giving an update on my healthy recipes! So here is what a typical day for me looks like! 😃

I start off my morning filling up a water bottle with lemon and water to jumpstart my body. I swear this gives me more energy than any tea or coffee, highly recommended!! Then I will make a fruit/yogurt/spinach smoothie. I forgot to take pictures of this but promise I will the next time I post. 

 Lunch has been looking like this. I’m obsessed with this flavor combinations. Trader joes steamed lentils, baked and cubed sweet potatoes seasoned with trader joes 21 seasoning salute and finish it up with organic ground turkey and sautéed onions. I don’t even eat the onions just love the flavor it gives. 


For snacks I loooove to eat frozen grapes, yellow or Fuji apples, and the nature valley fruteria bars in mango strawberry. 


Then to finish the night off for dinner I have been loving a whole wheat wrap, with chipotle casaer dressing, brown rice, lentils, ground turkey and herb salad mix( which is a new discovery that I am loving)!! 

Hope you all like this kind of post! 




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