Wish wish wish list

Hello lovelies! 

As promised I am starting my accomplishment /wish list.. Hope you all enjoy! Leave me any comments below if you have any suggestions or thoughts ☺️

First things first these need to happen in my life! These are from California donuts and they seem to have the most eclectic donuts I’ve ever seen. Not to mention I’ve heard nothing but the best about them! P.s. They are open 24 hours😍. 

How stinking cute is this phone case!! It’s from Lilly Pulitzer  and well Ya its self explanatory because it’s adorable! 

I have been forever looking for a dainty little cross necklace, very simple right? But it’s nearly impossible to find the right one, I adore this one from Dogeared .Even if you aren’t religious or not in the market for a cross necklace they have sooo many different charms and themes to pick from! Check them out!!

Soo I need some major help with books; I love love to read but I need help with suggestions on books to read. Honestly I just need a book to draw me in the first few minutes if not I probably won’t ever finish it. 


Okay sooo since I’m on a monogram kick I thought might as well add an adorable pillow into the mix! This pillow is from Swoozies  and you can customize them in the link above. This store has the most amazing gifts there! 

I’m also in the need of a good face wash, my face is combination/sensitive. Almost everything typically breaks/ dries out my skin and it is no fun. Any suggestions would be very helpful. 😜


Another adorable monogrammed item 😍 this one is from Marley Lilly! But guys I can’t choose which one because they are all so adorable! I also like this one and btw they are on sale now AND they are having a seersucker sale in two days. I also like this one that’s in the runnings.  


Okay that is it for today, later on this week I will be putting up a monthly favorites post because I will be going to San Francisco next weekend 😍😘




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