January Favorites!

So as I am still new to this whole blogging thing it’s going to take a bit to get in the swing of things but I figured monthly favorites are always a fun thing to be reading…AmIRight???

Most of the things I’m just going to find stock pictures of because I just think it looks better that way!




1.Suave dry shampoo: it’s the only dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling weird and that the scent doesn’t make me sick! But it’s my tried and true!
2. Okay so I don’t actually have this yet…buuuuut it’s one my birthday wish list sooo here’s hoping! It’s the Kendra Scott Hayden pendant necklace in turquoise it is sooo beautiful.
3. Aussie 3 minute moisture mask is a lifesaver. Here in California it’s a ton of money to get your hair cut. Nothing is generally wrong with mine It just needed a bit of life put back into it. This stuff works the first time you use it and it’s about $3.50 at target!
4. Revlon 25 hour lasting finish foundation..it’s absolutely one of the best as far as drugstore foundation that I have used for coverage. However 25 hours is questionable…I wore it for about 12 hours and I was pushing it. It was still on my face but def looked faintly on my t-zone.
5. CANDLES 😍 these Laduree candles are to die for!! They smell beautiful as well as look super chic!
6. Trader joes cold brew coffee concentrate…FHEW! That is a mouthful! Lol but this stuff it fantastic for you iced coffee lovers. It’s not bitter in taste but a little goes a long way. You seriously only need about 2 capfuls to a whole glass of milk..ITS.THAT.STRONG!! It gives me just enough caffeine to get through the day.
7. Lush snow angel…yummmm! This smells of marzipan and I know that sounds like it smells funny but I promise it smelled divine! It was from their holiday collection so it won’t be available again until the holidays (Sidenote the whole back is coated in gold glitter, and it makes a mess but it’s still so pretty).
8. Another lush product haha it’s their snow fairy body wash. Smells like cotton candy sweetness with teeny tiny specks of glitter. It is sooo cute. Not to mention it gives a good hydrating wash!
9. And last but not least is my most favorite/most used of them all is the trader joes 21 seasoning salute! 👅💦
I put this seasoning on absolutely everything! It came as a suggestion from my sister who is a Chef extraordinaire! If you buy anything from this favorites list GET THIS! It’s ah-mazing!

Until we meet again!


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