Bitten by the carb fairy

Alas another morning waking up wanting bagels however I settled with some biscuits which seemed to do the trick momentarily. But I did not give up on my search for a decent bagel; the search got so in depth that I actually found a company that ship bagels, black and white cookies and crumb cakes to your house. ūüėć My birthday is in a few weeks so naturally that is what I asked for for my birthday! bagel of the month club Anyways enough of my rant on food, I promise this blog will not be all about bagels! WERE MOVING WERE MOVING! So exciting! I cannot wait to start to decorate or start diy projects. My pinterest board is overflowing with cute things that I can’t wait to make. Stay tuned for more diy projects! Here’s what I’m thinking so far IMG_0747 IMG_0748 Let me know if you have anything you want to see on the blog in the comments below! Until we meet again! Xoxo Brittany


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