Bitten by the carb fairy

Alas another morning waking up wanting bagels however I settled with some biscuits which seemed to do the trick momentarily. But I did not give up on my search for a decent bagel; the search got so in depth that I actually found a company that ship bagels, black and white cookies and crumb cakes to your house. ­čśŹ My birthday is in a few weeks so naturally that is what I asked for for my birthday! bagel of the month club Anyways enough of my rant on food, I promise this blog will not be all about bagels! WERE MOVING WERE MOVING! So exciting! I cannot wait to start to decorate or start diy projects. My pinterest board is overflowing with cute things that I can’t wait to make. Stay tuned for more diy projects! Here’s what I’m thinking so far IMG_0747 IMG_0748 Let me know if you have anything you want to see on the blog in the comments below! Until we meet again! Xoxo Brittany

Gooood morning, good moorning it’s great to stay up late..

…Not! It’s actually noon here in California but I am still very tired. Finding a good {New York} bagel here is nearly impossibly. They all claim to be like the real thing but I suppose it’s true New York’s water does make everything better.

As I begin my search in bed for the best bagels on yelp I am getting seriously hungry. |Sidenote: have you ever rolled over to your significant other or whomever is in bed with you and just stared at them hoping that if you do it long enough they will actually wake up? | Well that’s what I am currently doing..however my eye daggers are not currently working HAHA! But such is life…

I ended up settling for Einstein bro’s bagels..sheer disappointment. Not like it’s a bad bagel place just not what I was hoping for in my mind.

Guys, it’s real I have a serious love for bagels, as well as desserts and basically anything carbs. I am going to pastry school so I guess it all makes sense.

Anyways since this is my first post {if anyone’s out there reading in the Internet world}. This blog is going to mainly be about different recipes, traveling, diy projects, and beauty/ lifestyle things. Hope you all enjoy!

Until we meet again!